this is beautiful

Directed and animated by Glen Keane – a former animator at Disney.

I’m in awe of people’s talent and creativity. The fluidity of the animation, the simplistic use of shading and colour – it’s just amazing. The story and music fit so well together – and I like how the score changes around the 2 minute mark.


cafe segovia, melbourne

After a (typically) delayed flight, we arrived in the Melbourne CBD around 10AM. After dropping our gear at the hotel, we went on the hunt for breakfast/brunch with no particular destination in mind.

Lucky for us, there was an alley filled with cafes only five minutes away. However, the next challenge was deciding which cafe to try. The thought process basically consisted of “how about here?” “hmm..I don’t know” and moving on to the next cafe. There were probably over ten cafes to choose from? First world problems, I know. We finally decided on Cafe Segovia, which was moderately busy, but did not have the hipster clientele that one might use as a measure of how popular a cafe is.

cappuccino - $3.80 | mocha - $5

cappuccino – $3.80 | mocha – $5

Both drinks were incredibly foamy – check out that foam level on the mocha! Pretty decent coffee.

They have a really great range of egg-based breakfast dishes.

eggs fabiano | feta and spinach scrambled eggs, toasted light rye, bacon and hash browns - $18

eggs fabiano | feta and spinach scrambled eggs, toasted light rye, bacon and hash browns – $18

Okay, this looks like a mess, but it was so good. The bacon was crispy, the hash browns were golden, and the eggs were creamy. I liked that the eggs were nicely scrambled, rather than ‘just’ scrambled/soupy. The feta added pockets of flavour, and the spinach mixed in made me feel better about eating those hash browns.

eggs milanese | parmesan and caramelised onion scrambled eggs, toasted ciabatta, bacon and roast tomato - $18.50

eggs milanese | parmesan and caramelised onion scrambled eggs, toasted ciabatta, bacon and roast tomato – $18.50

Very similar to the first dish. The onions added texture and a bit of sweetness to the egg. I did think it could have been caramelised a little bit more. I also don’t remember tasting a great deal of parmesan though.

Overall, a rather pleasant and filling first meal in Melbourne.


Cafe Segovia
33 Block Place
Melbourne, 3000

Ph: 03 9650 2373

out and about in melbourne

Here is a little snap shot of the things I took photos of in Melbourne. Mostly some lane ways and food that won’t get a full write up.



a little bird told me cafe

a little bird told me cafe

This cafe had a lovely decor, with a pop of blue from the tiles and there were cute little terrariums on the tables. Too bad we didn’t try the food…too full from a late breakfast and jam donuts. What a wasted opportunity.

terrariums with dinosaurs

terrariums with dinosaurs

a pop of colour

a pop of colour

dumplings from ShanDong Mama

dumplings from ShanDong Mama

We were told by friends that these were amazing, and that it was like “biting into a cloud”. We were  a tad disappointed.

The must see graffiti lane ways:




no standing, only dancing

no standing, only dancing

The famous doughnut truck at the Queen Victoria Market – consistent queues.

the famous doughnut truck at the queen victoria markets



They weren’t pretty, but they were entirely delicious – piping hot and filled with jam.

cacao lab | the best shoes are chocolate

cacao lab | the best shoes are chocolate

Forget skittles, I like my rainbows in macaron form


strawberry and nutella crepes - because our eyes were bigger than our stomachs

strawberry and nutella crepes – because our eyes were bigger than our stomachs

cafes everywhere

cafes everywhere

manchester press, melbourne

I was fortunate enough to visit Melbourne over the last long weekend (in June) where the whole weekend consisted of eating, walking, and more eating. I’m pretty sure that we were never hungry, and only full/full to bursting.

So anyway, my Melbourne posts are all going to be out of order but don’t worry, they’re all delicious!

On our last day in Melbourne, we visited a cafe that was recommended by 3 different people.

There is already a line formed at 9:30 – and the waitstaff writes your name in chalk on the open brick wall outside. However, it would be a lot more efficient if people could just write their name down themselves. Anyway, we hear that the wait is 15 minutes, so we come back in 10 and lo and behold…our table HAS BEEN GIVEN AWAY! But in another 5 minutes, one frees up. So I suppose it was a 15 minute wait after all, haha.

This cafe has a great selection of regular breakfast items such as muesli and egg variations, but the real star are the bagels.

Service is fast and friendly. Before bagels, we start with drinks! I ordered a chai latte which comes with a side of honey – I like the use of the dipper compared to a spoon. I think it’s a bit weak as it doesn’t have a great spice hit. But that might be because I’m used to the syrup based chai.

calmer sutra chai latte - $4

calmer sutra chai latte – $4

My friend chose a mocha which she said was, and I quote “the best mocha I have ever had”. I tried it, and I concur. It was so smooth and had a subtle coffee hit. It was so good I ordered one to go after we’d finished our brunch.

mocha - $4

mocha – $4

After the drinks was the main event – the bagels. Though, we did have a case of food envy when we spied someone’s bircher muesli.

open bagel | grilled chorizo, tasty cheese, sliced tomate (omitted), roasted capsicum and tomato relish - $14

open bagel | grilled chorizo, tasty cheese, sliced tomate (omitted), roasted capsicum and tomato relish – $14

Golly gosh this was perfect. The chewy bagel, the melty cheese, the spiced chorizo, and the sweetness from the capsicum and relish. It was fantastic. The side salad was probably the first proper vegetable based food item we’d seen all weekend.

closed bagel - sliced hungarian salami, bocconcini, basil pesto & rocket - $11

closed bagel – sliced hungarian salami, bocconcini, basil pesto & rocket – $11

This was also really good – springy bocconcini, a good pesto is always appreciated, and the salami and rocket worked together really well. Entirely satisfying. I love bagels.

And that was our last brunch in Melbourne! I’m so glad that we visited Manchester Press. It was amazing.

It has a great interior too – giant wall hangings and an almost ‘industrial’ feel




Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane
Melbourne 3000

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri | 7AM – 5PM
Sat – Sun | 9AM – 5PM

Ph – 03 9600 4054
Facebook -

the refinery espresso, hornsby

There seems to be a multitude of stylish cafes coming to my area or nearabouts. With the latest diamond in the rough being found in Hornsby. I actually found this cafe in the cafe/restaurant review page in Spectrum – so it must be getting quite a good buzz.

It’s a 5 minute walk from the station, and we are greeted by the booming voice of one of the baristas. It was rather shocking in its friendliness, but really made me smile – a welcoming atmosphere makes all the difference. It’s busy on this Saturday afternoon, but we’re able to get a table straight away and there seems to be a good mix of couples, families, and friends just catching up.

large flat white - $4

large flat white – $4

We start with a couple of flat whites. I believe they roast their own beans, so the coffee is lovely and strong, and there’s a satisfying amount of it. I should really start ordering something else for variety’s sake (my beverage choice is so predictable).

the refinery big breakfast - $16.50

the refinery big breakfast – $16.50

The big breakfast is appropriately sized. The eggs are very creamy and well seasoned, but the sausages aren’t anything special (said my companion).

huevos rancheros - $13.50

huevos rancheros – $13.50

And shocker! I ate runny egg yolks for the first time in…years. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I still don’t understand the big deal. The baked eggs comes out in a cute cast iron pot, and underneath, there’s potato, beans and slices of chorizo in a spiced tomato sauce. It’s very good and filling. I don’t think it would be enough for a hungry guy – as it’s on the smaller side, but for a girl, it was perfect.

If I worked or lived in Hornsby, I would definitely be a regular. Also, I believe the sweets on display and bread are sourced from Brasserie Bread – so they’re guaranteed to be good. It has a very relaxed vibe and is perfect for a quick bite.


The Refinery Espresso
10 Coronation Street
Hornsby, NSW 2077
Phone: 0402 590 250

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday | 5:30AM – 4PM
Saturday | 6AM – 2PM


le pain quotidien, sydney westfield

I had no idea that there was a Parisian style cafe right in the middle of Sydney CBD, but apparently there is! I was brought here for a quick lunch by a lovely friend who is actually  in Europe at the moment and will be visiting Paris too.

The cafe is extremely busy, and entirely charming, as the whole interior is wooden panels and furniture. It’s somewhere in between rustic and classy. There’s a breakfast and lunch menu, which largely consists of eggs, sandwiches, salads and tartines (and thankfully a lack of snails).

long black - $3.95 | cappuccino - $3.95

long black – $3.95 | cappuccino – $3.95

The coffee is served in these bowls – which is apparently very French, such that you can dip your croissants in them. You could probably dip croissants in even if it were a cup/mug though. Anyway, it was a bit of a novelty, and the coffee was good.

croque monsieur - $12.95

croque monsieur – $12.95

This was, for all intents and purposes, a glorified ham and cheese toastie. However, it was a fantastic ham and cheese toastie. It was crusty bread, leg ham, and a strong cheese (I want to say swiss, but I’m most probably wrong). It came with some dijon and wholegrain mustard, and some other kind of paste (maybe anchovy), which helped to lift the richness of the sandwich. The side salad had a pesto dressing which was really nice. I was impressed.

avocado and tomato on toast - $9.00

avocado and tomato on toast – $9.00

I don’t really have anything to say about this…it was exactly as advertised.

Apparently, the wholemeal scones with ricotta are amazing – so I guess I’m just going to have to come back. There is also an impressive array of pastries on offer, so it would be perfect for an afternoon tea.

With a quick search, I have found there are also branches at The Rocks, Double Bay, and Bondi Junction.

For a little taste of France, it’s worth a visit.

Le Pain Quotidien
Westfield Sydney
Level 4 Corner of Pitt St and Market St Sydney
NSW 2000, Australia

Opening times:
8AM – 6PM
Open until 9PM on Thursday




palomino espresso, wynyard

There is a cafe that my bus goes past, which has always caught my eye. Mainly due to the fact that it has a golden horse decal on the window. Nothing like something shiny to draw your attention.

So after a year of it being on my list, I finally ate there a couple of months ago. It was a quick breakfast the day before I started my first day of work.

Palomino replaced ‘Cupcakes on York’ if I’m not mistaken…in any case, it replaced a shop that sold cupcakes. It is extremely busy with the morning business crowd, and equally so during lunch. However, it was fairly easy getting a table around 9 or so.

large flat white - $4

large flat white – $4

A nice little heart to go with a very nice coffee.

bircher muesli with berry compote – $10

I had the bircher muesli which was entirely filling, and made me feel very healthy. I could barely get through half of it, which was a real shame. The bowl was massive! The muesli was appropriately thick and creamy – much like eating cold porridge (but better). The berry compote helped to balance the richness of the muesli, with pistachios adding texture. I think it also had some apple shredded through (or apple juice), which added another layer of flavour. It was great.

ranch sambo, bacon, avocado, scrambled egg - $13.50

ranch sambo, bacon, avocado, scrambled egg – $13

My friend had the ranch sambo – which had a lot of ranch, a lot of egg, and a lot of avocado. All in all – it was more than filling, and very rich. If anything, it was a struggle to finish.

They have a whole selection of different sandwiches and salads for lunch, and other breakfast items that include poached eggs or homemade beans.

I leave you with a bonus picture of my cappuccino from another visit. Is it not the most beautiful coffee fern you’ve ever seen?



Palomino Espresso
Shop 1 / 61 York St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone - 0410 424 252
acebook -